The mainstream media in this country have no credibility.  None.  Although they attempt to frame issues for me, I don't allow that to happen.  I hope that you don't allow them to frame issues for you either.  To the extent that you do, you are condemned to ignorance and manipulation.  How many times do I have to say it?  The media are ideologically driven and cherry-pick stories to impress upon their gullible audience a left-wing narrative.  Let me give you the latest example.

 Everybody's aware that Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman.  The narrative, which the media have pushed since the beginning, is "white against black." Martin was the young, innocent boy shot "in cold blood" by Zimmerman, a white racist, who was a "self-appointed" neighborhood patrolman.  Zimmerman was advised by the dispatcher to quit his pursuit of Martin, but did not do so, because he was crazed and trigger-happy. Blah, blah, blah. 

But the narrative continues:  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, two "concerned men of the cloth," appeared on the scene quicker than a flash to advocate fervently for Zimmerman's arrest and to help assure that "justice would be done." Of course, "justice," according to these thugs, amounts to little more than a rope and a mob.  

Today, interestingly enough, I heard a Florida attorney expressing doubt about whether the bounty which the Black Panthers placed on the life of Zimmerman was against the law.  Hmmm. Last time I looked at the criminal law "solicitation to commit murder" was against the law of every state in the Union. Well, yeah, but that emphasis wouldn't be in keeping with the dictates of the favored narrative, now would it? The Panthers are "righteously indignant" and should not be arrested for that. 

The "Anointed One" himself, the biggest joke of a President during the last 100 years, weighed in on the Martin matter too, and even without help from his ubiquitous teleprompter.  He commented that, if he had had a son, the boy would have looked like Trayvon.  Gee, I'm touched and almost in tears! 

Think about it for a moment.  Is there any doubt in your mind what Mr. Obama was up to there?  If you don't know, let me tell you.  He was commenting upon the state of the evidence in a subtle, back-handed way.  He wouldn't have made the comment had he believed Martin was guilty of anything. He was advancing the same hackneyed narrative as the bloody, gosh-awful media; i.e. that another innocent black person was victimized by a homicidal white -- or, as the New York Times put it, a "'white' Hispanic." 

What's so captivating about the Trayvon Martin affair is that it is shrouded in uncertainty.  Nobody really knows much about what happened.  Guilt and innocence have not yet been determined and may never be demonstrated to anyone's satisfaction.

Yet let me tell you a story about which there is not a shred of doubt.  Bob and Nancy Strait, pictured at right, lived in Tulsa,Straits Oklahoma.  They had been married over 65 years.  They had 6 children and 18 grandchildren.  They were much beloved by those who knew them.  They had a reputation for going out of their way to help others.  They were kind and generous people. Bob was a patriot too.  He had been a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne during World War II and had earned a bronze star.

 Mr. and Mrs. Strait's life together ended on the evening of March 15, 2012.  Tyrone Woodfork, 19 years of age and pictured at lower right, broke into the Straits' home, killed Mrs. Strait and nearly beat her husband to death. They were both defenseless anyway, since they were elderly and frail and recovering from a bout of food poisoning and the flu.  As for Woodfork, he was out of jail on a suspended sentence for a 2010 burglary rap.  He got away with the Straits' television set, $200, and a bb gun. That's a good enough reason to kill white people, isn't it?

But, just one minute!  "Tyrone," you maintain, "was undoubtedly underprivileged, poor, and attended the worst schools.  Who knows, he may have even snorted drugs now and then.  At any rate, he was filled with feelings of inferiority and rage.  How could he help himself?"  Allow me a moment to contain my grief for him.

As I think about this real-life nightmare, is there any wonder why the media didn't pick up the story?  Where, by the way, were the glorious clergymen Sharpton and Jackson, and the justice-loving Black Panthers?  And, oh, yes, Mr. Obama, you told us that, if you had had a son, he would look like Trayvon -- uh, why not Tyrone?

White people should be cognizant of the fact that there is an undeclared war being waged against them in this country.  It began when African-Americans, including Barack and Michelle Obama, were first given preferential treatment in university admissions, jobs, and job promotions.  Never mind the fact that many of them were and are only marginally qualified.  They're, after all, black, and that trumps intellect and skill any day in America! 

Legal trends in this country have evolved to the point that the Black Panthers can, with impunity, put a bounty on the head of a man against whom there's not even sufficient evidence to bring under arrest.  The nitwit Spike Lee can even tweet the address of the home where he "thought" Zimmerman resided and, by doing so, place innocent people in danger of vigilante attacks.  But we must remember that, upon discovering his error, Lee subsequently apologized for it.  How magnanimous of the creep!

I find it amusing that Barack Obama, in 2007, spoke of unifying the country in a spirit of hope and change.  What an execrable fraud this man is!  He hasn't unified anything.  He has, in fact, widened the racial divide in this country.  He's rendered Congress virtually inoperative. He has crowed loud and long about the rich and alienated one American from another.  His most recent exploit is broadening the gender gap. Haven't you heard? Mitt Romney, and all other Republicans, are loathsome misogynists, because they are opposed to the government's paying for Sandra Fluke's birth control.  They likewise question whether taxpayers should finance abortions.  Horrors! How fascist!

If I ever again lend a moment of attention to any news story touted by the agenda-driven media, or listen to an idiot screaming about how "racist" America is, or tune in to one of Mr. Obama's pronouncements on any subject, would somebody please suggest aloud to me that I buy a copy of the National Enquirer instead?  That would be a symbolic reprimand and might embarrass me back into reality.  But a swift kick from the rear might prove immensely more beneficial. 

April 10, 2012