Two Faces


Several days ago my attention was riveted by a video, showing signs displayed, courtesy of the United States Government, along this country’s southern border.  Each is written in English, Spanish, and Chinese, and announces – of all things -- a distress beacon.  Yes, that’s correct, a distress beacon.  Each also comes equipped with a tank full of drinking water.  Our President and his administration don’t want those who are attempting to enter our country illegally to become disoriented or dehydrated in their effort to break our law!  I realize that it sounds ludicrous, as if I’m stretching to make a point, so check it out for yourself at

An unsettling conclusion, if not the only possible one, to be drawn from watching the video is that the Obama administration is aiding and abetting illegal aliens, who now include the Chinese!  Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, isn't it?  It’s as if the President believes that the various paths from the depths of Mexico into this country are an “underground railroad” and that he is Sojourner Truth.  Not only is he an accessory to the violation of our immigration law, but he’s also crafting a dangerously stupid public policy, which sends a lawless message to prospective illegals.  The message is “welcome and come on in!”  

Millions of people have entered this country illegally, and most of them are from the Third World. It is reasonable to assume, is it not, that their primary motives for doing so vary? 

Some are doubtless in search of jobs in order to support themselves and the families they left behind.  It is understandable that they would want to escape the barbarity and poverty of their native lands, but there is no honor in their trespassing into our country.  In entering here they 1) take jobs that American citizens should have and would accept, and 2) they send untaxed wages back to their families. It goes without saying that they are exerting pressure upon our infrastructure without paying their fair share.  

Other illegals want to avail themselves of America’s educational and social programs. To this end, they come to the country and have babies who are “American citizens” and, then, under family reunification provisions of our immigration law, the remaining members of the family bootstrap their own way into citizenship and entitlements.  If you don’t believe this, I invite you to ask any physician, especially an obstetrician, at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas.  A large percentage of the babies born there are born to illegal immigrants.  I myself once worked as a resident chaplain in a public hospital, and I saw this despicable reality for myself.  The emergency room was often crowded with people who had no hope of paying for their treatment.  Administrators worried themselves sick about how to defray the mounting expenses. 

Still other illegals are venal and wicked criminals engaged in a wide spectrum of unlawful activity. Our penitentiaries are well represented by them.  As terrible as prison life is for some people, for these it often represents an improvement over life back home.  After all, inmates do receive three meals a day, along with time to recreate, to learn a trade, or to pursue a formal education. 

All of this lawbreaking is morally wrong and dishonorable.  It is a monstrous and staggering drain on American resources. Just recall what used to be the Golden State; that’s right, California.  It’s now in abject bankruptcy and has become our first Third World state.  It is no longer a paradise on earth, but a multicultural, multi-lingual hell. Many long-term residents are eager to leave, while tens of thousands of others have already done so. 

Yet these bleak realities pale in comparison to another sobering prospect.  There are those, be assured, who are illegally crossing into this country in order to terrorize and to inflict murder and mayhem upon us.  After the decimation of the Twin Towers, the murderous rampage of the psychiatrist in Killeen,Texas, and the horror of the Boston bombings, who can deny that there are those among us who intend us ill?  (Don’t forget that our embassy in Benghazi is also on American soil!)  How then does Barack Obama, or anyone else in his administration, know for sure that those stealing their way across our southern border are not bent upon terror?  Answer:  they don’t know! 

Indeed, if I were a terrorist, who desired to detonate a series of “dirty bombs” in key American cities, I would consider entering the country through its porous Mexican border. Why is this prospect so difficult for our politically correct politicians to imagine?  If Mr. Obama did not have any idea what two naturalized American citizens from Chechnya might do in Boston, then how can he  believe that the security of the American people might not be seriously compromised by a group of Asians, let's say, with Muslim affinities?  I don't think this is a far-fetched consideration. The difference is between some screening (however inadequate)  and no screening at all.  Is this really a risk worth taking?  Mr. Obama apparently thinks so and is, in effect, playing roulette with the lives of the American people.  He is no doubt convinced that, since on the basis of an abysmally poor record during his first term as President he could smooth-talk his way into a second term, he can also  bamboozle the big stupid American public again if New York City happens to be rendered uninhabitable for thirty years by the explosion of one or more dirty bombs. I can promise you that, if such a catastrophic event occurs during his watch, it will officially be someone else's fault.  George W. Bush should prepare himself.

What is becoming increasingly obvious to an ever-growing proportion of Americans, at least to those who can and will think critically, is that this President is duplicitous.  Congressman Peter King (R-NY) describes the President’s actions regarding homeland security as “schizophrenic.”  What he really means is that the man has two faces.  While his administration is taking care to hydrate those intent upon violating our immigration laws, he publicly insists and proclaims that he has advanced the state of border security.  On January 29 of this year, for instance, he declared in proud tones the progress he has made in this effort: "We strengthened security at the borders so that we could finally stem the tide of illegal immigrants. We put more boots on the ground on the southern border than at any time in our history. And today, illegal crossings are down nearly 80 percent from their peak in 2000." What a damned joke!  Is anyone struck by the fact that he contrasts his record on this issue to that of George W. Bush, who was also content to play politics with this issue throughout his tenure in office?  Why does Mr. Obama not juxtapose his record to that of a great President, like Dwight D. Eisenhower, who successfully presided over Operation Wetback? 

How are we to explain the deceit of the current administration?  In fairness, all recent Presidents, from John F. Kennedy forward, have played politics of the worst kind with immigration.  Ronald Reagan even extended a blanket amnesty to illegals, and it caused millions more of them to come. The politicization of the issue is attributable in large measure to the growing Hispanic population, which is flexing its electoral muscles, and demanding far-reaching concessions from political leaders. Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham are running scared behind the Party’s “Great Brown Hope” Marco Rubio, whom conservatives enthusiastically endorsed and supported for the Senate.  My inescapable impression is that, when all is considered, the welfare of the country has been, and is being, compromised in a multicultural war. Just as self-defeating as this is, there is also a force at work that we don’t readily see.  Large corporations desire a steady supply of cheap, expendable labor.  They hire workers and offer them no healthcare or retirement benefits, plus no overtime pay.  With scab labor, the financial bottom-line drastically improves, and the pockets of CEOs bulge with gold, while the American public is left with the dross and having to pick up the exorbitant tab.  

I don’t look for this situation to be resolved constructively. It seems cast in concrete. I mean that there’s a sense of inevitability at work here.  Why do I say it?  Because too many Americans remain unenlightened and asleep at the wheel.  They are self-aborbed hedonists who don't care what is happening to their country.  Furthermore, all most know is what they hear on television from glib and mellifluous half-wits posing as objective journalists.  Likewise, too many politicians are equivocating opportunists concerned only to feather their own nests.  Too many corporate chieftains are incorrigibly avaricious.  Too many academics are entrenched leftists, who teach their ideology as if it were fact.  Too many clergy, when they read, pick up only devotional books and, even so, actually prefer to watch Hollywood movies instead.  It’s the perfect storm. One result is that the millions who are here from the Third World will never assimilate to the grand traditions of American culture.  America's way of life has been lost in the quagmire of Horace Kallen's cultural pluralism.  These ingredients are those for a recipe guaranteeing disaster.  Brace yourself for what is to come. 

May 6, 2013