In 2008, Americans elected a President who is unquestionably at war with traditional American culture. Many had no clue of the fact then and still don't.

Why Mr. Obama is filled with antipathy toward the culture is not difficult to understand, even for an armchair psychologist like me.  He grew up after many of America's black leaders had become militant and radicalized.  Their hate rhetoric echoed in his ears. In addition, his father was an avowed Obama cigarettecommunist, and his mother, maternal grandparents, and mentors were, if not communists, then on the far left of the political spectrum. 

Mr. Obama sat in Jeremiah Wright's congregation for twenty years and listened to venomous, racist, and anti-American rants.  He counted  unrepentant terrorists -- Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn --as friends.  When initially campaigning for the Presidency, he declined to wear an American flag lapel pin and also refused to place his hand over his heart when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. He derided as ignorant those Americans who he described as clinging to guns and to religion. At the same time his wife, whose lifestyle mirrors  "extravagance," let slip that she had never before been proud of her country. How revealing!

Mr. Obama's response to all this?  Deny, deny, deny . . . spin, spin, spin. 

These facts are not anomalies, friends.  They are not outliers in Mr. Obama's biographical profile.  The truth of the matter is that he is a fraud.  What's more, he is a radical as well, who has not been the least hesitant to govern from the left. Consider the identity of his czars; they would make Eugene Debs turn flips in his grave.  Let there be no mistake about it: Barack Obama is at war with traditional America.  He profusely apologizes for the country's actions to Third World dictators every chance he gets and has no compunction whatsoever about bowing to a Saudi prince.  Do you think George Washington, James Madison, Dwight Eisenhower, or John F. Kennedy would have done that?

Most recently, the Obama administration has nixed an effort to include the text of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's D-Day Prayer in the World World II Memorial.  The prayer is one of the most poignant in American history and gave enormous solace to a nation whose young men would be facing unparalleled dangers off the shores of Normandy.  But Mr. Obama believes the prayer inappropriate. God help us.

Since many Americans do not align themselves with the left, there is little wonder that the President's policies have served to polarize the nation and to deepen the chasm between citizens.  He is not a unifier, but an accomplished divider.  He has fueled animosities between social classes.  Is this not straight from Karl Marx's playbook, which was composed of strategies to mobilize the proletariat against the capitalists? 

Although I am not a Marxist, I do agree that the typical American voter is a member of the booboisie.  Boob?  You bet!  The terms "nincompoop" and "idiot" also come to mind.  Go to Barnes & Noble on occasion and do a little people watching.  Better yet, take a walk on a college campus.  Notice the number of male students between ages, let's say, 18 and 30, with baggy short pants, turned-around caps, expanded earlobes, pierced lips, sleeves of tattoos, cigarettes hanging from their lips, and otherwise unable to construct a sentence that does not begin with the word "like" and end with the word "dude."  Take a gander at the co-eds who dress like sidewalk hostesses and already seem haggard and used up. 

These style masters are making a profound impression.  It is not unusual to observe men and women in their 40s and 50s sporting fresh tattoos on their legs and arms and wearing shorts and sling-shot tee shirts so that the world may see and muse in unison, "Gee, how cool!"  Most of these clowns would happily request Dennis Rodman's autograph or, more amazing still, vote a second time for Barack Obama. 

What is a responsible citizen to do when the prevailing culture turns to crap?  The answer is not to acquiesce in the decline. Yet how is this accomplished?  Allow me a few suggestions.

First, try to wean yourself from dependence on information received from national news services or from print or television journalists. Most of the stuff is hopelessly biased and factually flawed.  

Second, give the high sign to Hollywood; it's a safe bet that little or nothing produced there will be worth your time and attention.  In fact, most of it's filth. 

Third, stop genuflecting to professional sports figures. Write to Commissioner Goodell and congratulate him for suspending Mickey Loomis, Sean Payton, and Gregg Williams, whose actions are a disgrace to even the criminal ranks of football.  

Fourth, demonstrate a rich, but restrained contempt for exhibitionists who flaunt their tattoos and piercings.  A pained facial expression followed by a quietly audible "ooooo!" is an appropriate response. They obviously want your attention, so give it to them for a brief moment.

Fifth, don't be embarrassed to ask tough-minded questions of those pretending to be authorities on subjects they know nothing about.  When, for example, a local radio talk show host, who's not qualified (except by the sound of his voice) to pontificate on any academic subject, expresses unsolicited views concerning civic issues as the host of a townhall meeting or assembly, it's okay to ask him, "Sir, no offense intended, but what makes you an expert on these subjects?  Might you outline your educational credentials to us?" 

Sixth, if you happen to be one who attends church on a regular basis and your minister demonstrates more interest in entertaining than in proclaiming the gospel, then it might be appropriate to explain to him or her that you don't feel you are getting your money's worth and that, if the pattern continues, you will take your marbles and play elsewhere, or insist that (s)he do so. 

Finally, to conclude, toleration in the face of the intolerable is far from virtuous.  Americans might do well to re-learn this truth.  While they're at it, they might also re-learn how to form associations by which to express strong, but constructive discontent with the status quo.  Otherwise, apathy and cowardice are sure to overtake this once great country of ours.  Shuck and jive artists disguised as statesmen will continue to re-invent the nation to suit themselves while the citizenry sleepwalks irretrievably into perdition.

March 23, 2012