Sad Indeed


My looking at and listening to Barack H. Obama over the course of six years has occasioned some personal observations about the man.  Many of you will think they are harsh, unfair, uncivil, and entirely unworthy of print. I am sorry about that, but such sentiments have not bridled me in the past, nor will they deter me now. I do not claim that they are suited to tea for two, but only that they are true. Here is what I have observed about the man: 

  • He is a liar. His words are meaningless. 1) He drew “a red line” in the sand in Syria and dared Bashar al-Assad to cross it, yet the dictator did so without consequence from the United States. 2) Obama repeatedly assured every American that he could keep his doctor and healthcare plan if he desired to do so, but his assurances were false when they were given. 3) He announced that he would “get to the bottom” of the IRS scandals and the Benghazi murders and has not only failed to do so, but has also actively engaged in a cover up of the facts. 4) Remember that the man took an oath to preserve, to protect, and to defend the Constitution, but has time and again refused to enforce the law and acted unilaterally to defy the will of Congress and to thwart its lawmaking role. 
  • He is incompetent.  1) Obama’s policies have created increased destabilization in the Middle East. Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan are hotbeds of terror and turmoil. 2) While United States military personnel have heroically waged war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama as commander-in-chief broadcast to the world (including the enemy) when troops would be withdrawn, and has pursued a policy of withdrawal without sufficient residual forces to safeguard victories already won. 3) Before taking office, he realized that veterans’ hospitals were providing substandard care to the wounded, and he promised to remedy the problem, but did not do so; instead, the crisis grew worse under his administration, with loss of life. 4) His healthcare website was a catastrophe of monumental proportion, and still is. He and Kathleen Sebelius were viewed by the world as miserable laughingstocks. 5) He has overrun the nation with debt that will never be repaid and that threatens the United States’ fiscal and economic integrity. 6) He has exacerbated the severity of the worst recession in fifty years by his "soak the rich" mentality. 7) He is refusing adequately to police the borders of the nation, and has invited a crisis of illegal immigration, with the result that no one knows who is entering the country or with what purpose.  8) He has surrounded himself with third-rate people, like Rahm Emanuel (who as mayor of Chicago is now pushing the already troubled city to provide housing to a thousand additional illegal aliens); Anita Dunn (who refers to Mao Tse-Tung as one of her favorite philosophers); Eric Holder (who has politicized the administration of justice in terms of “black and white” and has repeatedly lied to Congress); Chuck Hagel (whose responses to questions in his Secretary of Defense confirmation hearings left no doubt that he is hopelessly confused and intellectually lost); John Kerry (who remains a divisive figure of the Jane Fonda ilk, despised by at least half the nation); Hillary Clinton (who may be the most over-rated American public official during the last fifty years), and Joe Biden (the biggest buffoon in the history of the executive branch).  
  • He hates America. 1) One can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps. Obama has had close ties with Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, Frank Marshall Davis, Angela Davis, and Rashid Khalidi – all America-haters.  2) He bows to dictators, such as King Abdullah, Emperor Akihito, and Chinese President Hu. 3) In Honduras, he sided with Zelaya against the people and their constitution; and in Iran, sided with the Muslim theocracy against dissidents. 4) He unilaterally negotiated for the release of a military deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, giving up high-level al-Qaeda operatives in exchange for him. Obama has, on the other hand, allowed Marine Andrew Tamooressi to rot in a Mexican prison for making a wrong turn on the border. 5) Obama has refused to place his hand over his heart during the singing of the National Anthem. Check it out for yourself: 6) Roger Sherman engineered the Great Compromise at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, guaranteeing each state, regardless of its population, two votes in the Senate.  Instead of praising this unique feature of our Constitution, Obama has blamed it for his own inability to move his agenda through Congress. 
  • He is out of control. Congress is divided between Republicans and Democrats and finds itself in perpetual gridlock. Presidential impeachment and conviction are not feasible. Obama has seized upon this division of power to thumb his nose at Republicans, to defy the law (pertaining to matters such as immigration and the release of GITMO detainees), to enforce the law selectively, and to sign highly controversial executive orders. Pardoning millions of illegal aliens is a step he has yet to take, but one that will be far from surprising if and when he does so. 
  • He is a polarizing figure. He has set out to make fundamental changes to America.  In doing so, he has inflamed animosities between haves and have-nots, men and women, blacks and whites, gays and straights, union and non-union forces, immigration and anti-immigration advocates, Republicans and Democrats, corporate and anti-corporate concerns, and religious and secular persons, to name but a few of those between whom he has accentuated differences. 

So what conclusions do I draw from the foregoing factual observations? Forget the soft soap and politically correct nonsense. The following conclusions will not endear me to any of my readers, but I can say they are at least honest: 

  • Barack Obama is a dangerous, destructive fraud. What is at stake is the character of the person who is leader of the free world. Yet this man “leads” nothing, because he has no leadership traits except the ability to read from a teleprompter. He is otherwise remarkably devoid of substance, moral and intellectual. 
  • The American system of government is irreparably broken.  This is apparent from the fact that this pretender was twice elected. The people who elected him voted for “a liar, an incompetent, an America-hater, and a man who is an out of control, polarizing figure.” How else is one to say it without doctoring the truth? Many of the American electorate are ignorant, while others are simply stupid. A large portion of them, I suspect, could not pass either a literacy test or the most fundamental exam on American history and government. Others are dupes, who figure that they are closer to Obama on the political spectrum than to anyone in the opposite party. They see him as the re-incarnation of Franklin D. Roosevelt or of some similar old-style progressive, and are at a loss to discern the difference. Still others are hardened ideologues, who share Obama’s communist worldview. Whatever the case, I have nothing in common with any of them. I wish there were a way to detach myself from them all without, at the same time, giving up what I love about my country. I am ashamed to call myself an American in the same breath I speak of them. 
  • Obama has carved out his niche. It is reserved exclusively for himself as one so unspeakably dissolute that I am tempted to say American governance will never again possess an ounce of honor. The Rubicon has been crossed in American politics. Evil has revealed itself in a manner that our republic either cannot or will not defend against it. “Decency” and “responsible government” are dead in America, although it may be years before they are given an official burial.  Richard M. Nixon and Lyndon B. Johnson were ruthless men, true; but neither was a total incompetent with a consuming antipathy toward America. 
  • Political convulsions are in America’s future. John C. Calhoun, the great South Carolinian, who died a decade before the Civil War began, wrote in his celebrated treatise, A Disquisition on Government, about the hostility and hatred engendered by conflicts between the majority and minority parties in government. The majority’s policies are pushed down upon the brow of the minority without recourse. The roles are reversed when the majority becomes the minority party. Calhoun believed that, for this reason, those holding a minority view must have a right to nullify or to veto a policy with which they cannot live. Calhoun’s concept of a “concurrent majority” has never seemed more relevant than today. So-called “red states” feel oppressed by the hand of the federal government. How long they will bear this suffering is anyone’s guess, but I do not think it will be forever. If the course of human nature and of history is our guide, then a bloodletting seems inevitable. God help us all. 
July 27, 2014