Before Barack Obama was elected forty-fourth President of the United States, I expressed the opinion that, although his oratory was second to none, he would probably not be able to deliver on his promises if he should capture the office.  The posting was dated April 29, 2008, and was entitled “Can Obama Be Elected President and Deliver?” Here, in part, is what I wrote: 

“The question remains:  If the Illinois senator is in fact elected in November, what can we expect? His proposals . . . constitute nothing really new.  The ideological divide in American culture, between secularists and traditionalists, will remain, and Congress will therefore be likely to continue in gridlock. . . .The trouble is that our country is of a divided mind and has been so for decades now.  Issues such as abortion, gay marriage, gun control, immigration, the environment, and energy are situated squarely on the cultural divide. To expect Senator Obama . . . to forge a new consensus regarding these issues is political fantasy.  While reactive solutions may be at times necessary, proactive ones are highly unlikely.” 

If the last five years have demonstrated anything at all, it is that Mr. Obama, the orator, has done little to improve America’s situation, either at home or abroad.  He has touted many controversial causes as I suggested he would, but he has succeeded only in stirring up America’s already turbid political and cultural waters, creating almost epic rancor throughout American society and running up a national debt to match. His policy initiatives have gone nowhere and amounted to nothing but disheartening dead-ends for his administration. In addition, the economy over which he has presided is stagnant, with young African-American men its greatest casualties. The rollout of Obamacare, with its numerous error messages, has been an embarrassing tragi-comedy of errors, with millions losing their doctors and health plans, premiums skyrocketing through the roof, few young Americans bothering to sign up, and insurance companies in a precarious financial position. Seered upon American consciousness is also the humiliation that Mr. Obama and the nation experienced over the recent boondoggle in Syria and atrocities in Benghazi. 

The man's oratory is now widely hailed as hollow, if not a study in pathological lying. A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll states that 63% of the American people no longer trust him to make the right decisions. Why should this come as a surprise to anyone?  He is too prideful, ideological, naïve, and amateurish to work with Congress. He has no expertise in the operation of foreign policy and appears  a disoriented neophyte beside Vladimir Putin. In a nutshell, Mr. Obama is no longer able to lead.   As a result, it has finally dawned upon many observers that the American people are like sheep without a shepherd.  

Fantasy and myth towered to unprecedented heights during Mr. Obama’s campaign for the presidency. Remember that? He was everything for which the mainstream media had been hoping – an ultra- liberal, glib, Harvard-educated, family-oriented Black man. Never mind that the underside of this media portrait consisted of some discomfiting facts:  that this audaciously hopeful "leader" had been provided preferential treatment through every step of his journey, that he had little or no real life experience remotely qualifying him to be president, that his parents and grandparents were communists, that his associates were people such as Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Jeremiah Wright, and Louis Farrakhan, and that his political birth was in Chicago’s corrupt and degenerate political culture. 

But the time has come to pay the piper, and reality has never been more pitiless than it is at this moment in Mr. Obama’s second term of office. As I predicted almost five years ago, the man has not been able to deliver.  In fact, he can best be described as a political wreck going some place to happen.  Congress is gridlocked, and America’s prestige in the world is at a new low. Mr. Obama now futilely resorts to insipid rhetoric, threatening that he has his phone in one hand, his pen in the other, and executive orders on the desk in front of him. What a pathetic caricature of his grandiose campaign promises in 2008. 

Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-TX) stated recently, "If we were to impeach the president tomorrow, you could probably get the votes in the House of Representatives to do it. But it would go to the Senate and he wouldn't be convicted." One is left to wonder what may happen if Republicans take control of the Senate in 2014. The answer is, Nothing. 

If anything saves Mr. Obama from impeachment, it will be the primary factor that placed him in office – the color of his skin. The Republican establishment is, in important respects, not unlike the Democratic one.  Republicans still allow The New York Times and The Washington Post to frame the terms of the debate.  This means that the Republican establishment is politically correct, cowardly, and thoroughly opportunistic. Yes, I am thinking of men such as Mitch McConnell, John McCain, John Cornyn, and Lindsey Graham. The idea of impeaching the nation’s first African-American president is a distant and unrealistic prospect to them. This is hardly a novel development, for when was the last time that you remember the “common good” prevailing over political expediency in this country? The reigning Republican attitude is that it is better to suffer through the dangers of a president who is an “empty seat,” not to say a liar and fraud, than to stand up to him with honesty, resoluteness, and courage. What a damn shame!

February 1, 2014