May God help us! King Barack Hussein Obama is now embarking upon a new initiative.  It’s none other than “comprehensive immigration reform.”  What a high-sounding, but opaque phrase that is!  Yet one does not have to guess what he means by it.  Only the most dull-witted person doesn’t know.  In the unlikely event someone is still clueless, let me spell it out: this president is proposing a pathway to citizenship for the millions of people who have illegally entered this country. In crudely practical terms, he wants to pave the way for their receiving welfare benefits and being enfranchised (to vote for Democrats of course). One additional perk is that any such initiative is sure to encourage other illegal immigrants to steal their way across the border as well. 

The political considerations are obvious.  Hispanics catapulted Obama to victory in 2008 and 2012, and they have a claim on him.  He in turn needs to cement this base of support not only for himself, but also for those of his party who will seek office in years to come. Since there are estimated to be between 12 and 20 million Mexicans currently residing illegally in this country, granting citizenship to them will constitute a remarkable achievement for the Democratic Party. Republicans, on the other hand, are docile and cooperative, while they cowardly attempt to appease the same ethnic group, not realizing that this is a bidding war their party cannot win.

Few people want to examine the facts and to face the truth.  This country can no longer afford the world’s sending its "wretched refuse" to these shores, Emma Lazarus's poem notwithstanding. Since 1990, America’s population has increased in excess of a staggering 59 million people, a figure that does not even include the undocumented.  That’s over twice the number which came during the Great Wave, which took place between 1880 and 1920. What few people know is that over a third of these earlier immigrants returned home, because America was not then a welfare state.  So question:  is it actually surprising that, at present, over 20 million Americans are struggling every day to find employment?  How does it help unemployed Americans to grant citizenship to aliens who vie for jobs against them? 

“Oh, but illegal immigrants only work those jobs that Americans refuse to do.”  How many times have you heard this line from blowhards in the media?  Well, it’s a lie!  As Professor Rob Sobhani points out in his book, Press One for English, of all 465 occupations defined by the Department of Commerce, only four occupations have a majority of immigrants, and that represents less than one percent of the total workforce.  The 25.3 million Americans over the age of 25 who do not have high school diplomas, I assure you, find themselves competing with immigrants from the Third World (both legal and illegal).  Sadly enough, only 9.8 million of these Americans were working as of June, 2011. We definitely need immigration reform, but not the kind Mr. Obama has in mind. 

Make no mistake about it.  The illegal immigrants to whom this president wishes to grant citizenship have taxed, and will continue to tax, traditional American culture and its social welfare programs beyond repair.  Look what has happened in California.  As Victor Davis Hanson explains in his book Mexifornia, the state is “not quite Mexico and not quite America either.” This is his way of saying that the culture there has been ravaged. He further points out that “we see pregnant women with no cash, no husband, no English and no papers who rush to the local hospital at the last minute to bring forth a United States citizen.” And people wonder why the educational and social systems of the once Golden State are now bankrupt?   

One should not place the blame solely upon undocumented Hispanics.  They represent only a part of a much larger trend.  The following are appalling figures:  50.5 million Americans are on Medicaid, 46.5 million are on Medicare, 52 million are on Social Security, 5 million are on SSI, 44.6 million are on food stamps and other nutrition programs, 24 million get earned income tax credit.  Such payments are over 66 percent of the federal budget, whereas in 1965 they comprised only 28 percent. The country spends over $2 trillion a year on these redistribution programs.  An increasing percentage of the American population is now, either in whole or in part, dependent upon government largess. So who in his right mind can conclude from these statistics that it would be helpful to grant citizenship to the impoverished from the Third World who are residing here illegally? That's insane.

“No problem, because illegal immigrants pay their fair share!”  This is a second lie!  The annual cost of illegal immigration is estimated at around $113 billion.  Taxes which these people pay don’t come close to equaling the vast expenditures made in their behalf, of which less than 5 percent are recouped on a state and local basis. As the late Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman wryly commented, free immigration and the welfare state do not go together, precisely because immigrants take more from the system than they give to it. Not to be overlooked is the fact that immigration in general is an expensive matter.  Edwin S. Rubenstein, an economist, estimated in 2008 that the annual deficit attributable to mass immigration, both legal and illegal, is $70.3 billion. 

“Look, you are forgetting that anyone from any country, creed, or continent can be assimilated to America with equal ease.”  This is the third lie!  As John Jay, one of our founding fathers emphasized in the Federalist, it is language, faith, culture, and memory that hold us together as a people.  America is not simply a creedal nation that coheres around a common constitution.  That’s hogwash.  The United States Constitution is the product of a distinct people and culture.  Those who drafted the document expressed few, if any, original ideas.  All their ideas were born in an Anglo-Christian culture.  Horace Kallen’s cultural pluralism, propounded during the first decades of the 20th century, was and is little more than a disingenuous attempt to cover over the fact of American origins.  The late Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., in his book The Disuniting of America, rightly viewed Kallen’s social theory, which is now called "multiculturalism," as a nationally fragmenting influence, which it always has been.  The truth is that there are many cultures which have no place in this country.  This is not to say that they have no right to exist, because they do.  But not here!  Those who believe in barbarisms such as female genital mutilation, breast-binding, honor killing, infant sacrifice, and – yes – Sharia law are indigestible as Americans. They don’t belong here and will only rarely, if ever, assimilate to American culture. 

Let me take this point a step further.  I do not regard Mexico as an ally of the United States.  In 1938 Lazaro Cardenas nationalized U.S. oil companies in Mexico, and Americans were paid only a fraction of what they were worth.  Thereafter, PEMEX colluded with OPEC to raise oil prices on Americans.  Likewise, generations of Mexican children have been taught to hate the United States as the nation that robbed their country of half its territorial possessions. According to countless Mexicans, Aztlan is the land from Oregon to California to Texas, which was stolen by America.  Now, the Reconquista movement is attempting, by force of extensive migration, to recapture this territory for Mexico. Dr. Charles Truxillo, who teaches at the University of New Mexico, sees a new Aztlan rising --with Los Angeles, California as its capital.  Dr. Juan Hernandez, an American who was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and has advised George W. Bush, Vicente Fox, and John McCain on United States-Latin American policy, claims that Mexico constitutes one united people, with 100 million living within the borders of Mexico and 23 million within the borders of the United States. Interesting, huh.  But that's not nearly as shocking as Jose Angel Gutierrez's joyous proclamation:  “We have an aging white America.  They are not making babies.  They are dying.  The explosion is in our population.  They are shitting in their pants in fear!  I love it.”  Finally, not to be overlooked is the fact that Mexico, unlike other countries, sent not a single soldier to aid us in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Instead, it recently incarcerated one of our young Marine vets, Jon Hammar, and chained him to his bed in a rat-infested cell, all upon the pretext that he was transporting a weapon (which he attempted to declare!) through that filthy country.  Unless I am missing some subtle intangible, none of this looks or sounds like friendship to me. It appears to be a country hostile to ours. So why allow Mexico to empty its dumpsters of crime, poverty, and disease here? 

Americans have their heads in the sand concerning immigration.  Those like Barack Obama relish this fact, because it makes their political trickery and deceit all the more effective.  This is the time for responsible Americans to rise up and to tell this president and members of Congress that enough is enough.  Law-breaking immigrants should pay a fine and should go to the end of the line, period!  Those who hire them, especially elitist corporate executives, should have to pay most dearly of all, because they have profited the most. But don’t look for either to happen any time soon, because the average American politician has, in the words of my junior high school football coach, "stomach trouble -- no guts!"

January 28, 2013