Responses this week to my last blog, "Why This Immigration Mess?," blasted me with nine kinds of hell.  I am an "anti-Semite," "prejudiced," and "narrow-minded."  These are only a few of the comments.  Some were a bit more civil, but the message was substantively the same.

Perhaps I should take a step back, along with a deep breath, and address this subject again.  But, in the "politically correct" times in which we live, I do so with fear and trembling.

Let me be clear.  I do not argue that Jews comprise a "sufficient" reason by which to explain the tsunami of immigration to the United States or, for that matter, the grievous problems resulting from it.  Never! Nor do I contend that "all" Jews have promoted the cause of unrestricted immigration.  Both propositions would be factually inaccurate.  First, there are many corporate executives and other business leaders – gentiles no less -- who promote "diversity" in the workplace.  WalMart is a glowing example. This corporation is widely rumored to employ numerous illegals, because they are cheap labor, and they require neither the funding of pensions nor the purchase of health insurance. The taxpayers defray these expenses. Second, there are Jews, like Dan Stein, representing the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), who are fighting hard to restrict immigration.

There have, furthermore, always been many gentile politicians who supported massive immigration and tended to look the other way as illegals steal their way across the United States-Mexico border.  One such person was the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who was a floor manager of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act.

So what was and is my point about Jews?  When one closely examines the persons and movements which have pushed hard for unrestricted immigration to this country, Jews and Jewish organizations are always in the forefront.  As I have stated numerous times, Horace Kallen, a Zionist, was the first to advocate for the philosophy of multiculturalism in this country, which has of course tended toward massive global immigration here.  Jewish intellectuals, like Norman Podhoretz, Julian Simon, and Ben Wattenberg, have likewise favored high levels of immigration to America from all over the world.  Earl Raab, a Jewish social scientist and ethnic activist, has frankly noted that Jews in the United States have taken a leadership role in radically reducing the country's Northwestern European stock.

One gentleman responded to these facts by asking me, "So Jews have favored liberal immigration policies.  Do you deny that Roman Catholics have as well?"  No, I don't deny that.  But David Hollinger, the author of a fabulous book, entitled Science, Jews, and Secular Culture, published by Princeton University Press, points out that Jews have been far more influential in the decline of a homogeneous Protestant Christian culture in this country than Catholics because of Jews' greater wealth, social standing, and technical skill in the intellectual arena.  As of 1996, there were approximately 300 national Jewish organizations in America with  combined budgetary resources of $6 billion.  That sum, in case you are not aware of it, is greater than the gross national product of half the members of the United Nations!  I would also be willing to wager that the sum of these resources has increased in the last 14 years.  Any takers?

Another reader wrote and asked me, "Assuming everything you say is true, what reason would Jews have to undermine the United States in this way?  Your thesis makes no sense."  I do not argue that Jews viewed their actions as undermining the country.  I do contend that they wanted to change it.  Jews do not feel safe in a solidly homogeneous Christian culture.  They have suffered the pain and agony of anti-Semitism, while trying to survive, in such cultures.  One need only look at their experience in czarist Russia or in Nazi Germany to demonstrate this truth.  In short, according to Harold Cruse, author of The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual, Jewish organizations view Anglo-Saxon nationalism as their greatest potential threat. They desire the implementation of policies that dilute gentile power structures, which in turn pose in their view a threat of anti-Semitism.

S.M. Neuringer, in his doctoral dissertation, examined in detail the influence of Jews upon American immigration policy, and wrote the following:  "In undertaking to sway immigration policy in a liberal direction, Jewish spokespersons and organizations demonstrated a degree of energy unsurpassed by any other interested pressure group."  I accept this assertion as fact and do not contest it.

The United States is spiritually debilitated.  Citizens are estranged from one another, largely because so many of them represent disparate cultures.  As Harvard academician, Robert Putnam, puts it, we are indeed "bowling alone" these days.  Many of us don't know who our neighbors are and could care less. The country is fractured along innumerable lines.  It is true that anti-Semitism might pose a vicious threat in a homogeneous Anglo-Protestant culture, but it is also true that a multicultural environment poses enormous risks for other conflicts as well.  Jews especially should understand the perils of various peoples living beside one another in accordance with radically divergent narratives.  It doesn't work well.  There are, moreover, many African-American groups in present-day America which state, subtly and not so subtly, their contempt for Jews.

Nothing will be accomplished by media, which obfuscate or downplay such facts.  The American people have a right to know why we are in the immigration and cultural mess we are, and why we have not been apprised who the leading players in it have been and are. No, Jewish influence does not comprise a sufficient, all-encompassing explanation to be sure.  But it is impossible, in my opinion, to look closely at the reality of massive immigration and American cultural debilitation, along with all the political and intellectual movements which have fed into these as vital tributaries, and not see that the Jewish community has played a primary, necessary, and instrumental role in positioning the country where it is at the moment.

My goal is not to apportion blame, but to understand the problem in order that it can be remedied.

As a friendly postscript, this will be my last blog for a while.  (I can already hear the cheering.)  I intend to dive headlong into serious research and writing during the next few months. Barring some political or social cataclysm, I shall remain ensconced in my study cell, showing up at Barnes & Noble occasionally for coffee and going periodically to the Y to commune with my treadmill.  Other than these limited engagements, I shall remain mum.

Good luck and God bless.

May 20, 2010