Not too terribly long ago, I was browsing in a gift shop and stumbled into an old friend.  He knew that I had written a book with the foreboding title, America Unraveling.  He never mentioned that fact, but made it a point to note at the outset of our conversation how much he thought "things are vastly improved in this country from the way they were a century ago."  His comment was hardly a happenstance. He droned on about dramatic advances in civil rights for blacks and women, as if these changes would not have come without the advent of black street hustlers called "Reverend" and braless viragoes, all of whom stood before mindless rabbles. He could have mentioned tort lawyers'  escalating standard of living as well, but that would not have been in keeping with his characteristically circumspect speech, since he is a dedicated member of that profession.  It was impossible to interject my own views into his verbal foray, since he was in a mood to speak and not to listen.  He's the prototypical American "liberal" with an authoritarian cast of mind.

I mention this episode to make an obvious point:  assessments of present-day America will radically differ from one another depending upon the political position from which one is speaking.  If a person is a liberal-progressive, socialist, or communist, an ever burgeoning centralized government and bureaucracy represent enormous progress. Socialized healthcare is a step up, not back. As Fidel Castro recently wrote regarding ObamaCare, "It is really incredible that 234 years after the Declaration of Independence ... the government of that country [America] has approved medical attention for the majority of its citizens, something that Cuba was able to do half a century ago."  Yes, Mr. Castro, some of us have noticed what a "humanitarian" country Cuba is; thanks, but no thanks!

The American liberal typically advocates for a variety of ideas besides socialized healthcare.  Former Chief Justice Earl Warren is the iconic measure of how "compassionate" judges act when they wish to get things done.  Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are "public servants who care."  Preferential treatment based on gender, race, and ethnicity qualify "equality under the law."  Studying at an Ivy League institution is an honor of the highest magnitude.  Hollywood is about edifying art, just as The New York Times is about enlightened journalism.  The country's borders should be open to all people and immigration unrestricted. Every citizen, no matter how stupid, should be authorized to vote.  Sexual repression is a major symptom of America's pathology.  Religion is a subject separate and distinct from politics, and the name of God ought never to be publicly invoked.  Race is a meaningless and arbitrary categorization.  An Anglo-Protestant society is the well-spring of racism and anti-Semitism, and is culturally retrograde in every respect.  An atomic individualism in the midst of countless cultures of people must define American civil society.  The personal ownership of guns should be outlawed.  I could go on.

A new political ideology is needed in America, or rather an old ideology should be picked up and dusted off.  Traditional American culture, with its emphasis upon family, community, and biblical values, is the centerpiece of this "new" way of thinking.  "What," you ask, "will the immediate goals be?"

First, all immigration from the Third World will cease.  Hiring an illegal will result in a draconian fine and deportation, defrayed by the offending employer.  The borders will be sealed tighter than a drum.  (What does Mexico or South America have that we need?)  English will be not only the lingua franca, but also the only language publicly written or spoken in this country.

Those who are citizens will have a reasonable length of time to assimilate to the standards of traditional American culture.  If they fail to do so, their citizenship will be revoked.

Those on welfare will perform worthwhile community service as a condition for receiving benefits.

After cleansing and safeguarding the country from the world's debris, the next step will be to repair public schools, colleges, and universities.  Disciplinary problems in public schools will not be tolerated.  Students who create problems will truly be "left behind" to spend their lives in menial roles.  All sporting events in schools will be of the intramural variety.  No coach anywhere will be paid a salary in six or seven figures.  Academic freedom will pervade education, which means that students will be taught "how," not "what" to think, and will be exposed to the various sides of an argument.

No jobs will be outsourced.  America will strive to become economically independent once again.  Hollywood as it presently exists will die a quick death.  Pornography will be defined and vigorously prosecuted.  Prison will be a place where no one desires to go.

Professional politicians will become extinct like dinosaurs.  Taking their place will be "honored servants of the people."  Term limits will be imposed on members of Congress and upon judges.  Any program created for the people will apply to all government officials as well, without exception.

Finally, those in whatever field of endeavor who have looted America and subverted its institutions will be punished. Politicians who sold votes to the highest bidder and became wealthy while in office, media liars for whom "Truth" has no meaning, shameless kingpins of industry motivated by avarice, effete university professors who live off the public treasury and are robed in tenure while belittling the cultural life of the nation, and clerics who thunder "God damn America" and father children out of wedlock – all of these and many more – will have to answer for their actions.

I yearn for this new day, which I believe is approaching. Most Americans have had enough.  It is time for a revolution.  A leader, organization, and guts are all that's required, although sometimes an empty belly will do the trick just about as well.

May 13, 2010