Most everyone with a modicum of intelligence agrees that the Washington political establishment has failed the American people. If you are one of the few who think otherwise, then permit me to ask:

· Is the national debt not soaring in excess of $12 trillion and growing at the rate of over $100 billion a month; 

· Is the country's foreign policy not naïve, apologetic, weak and indecisive:

· Did sheer happenstance not save the lives of over 300 airline passengers in Detroit on Christmas Day;

· Has a university liberal arts education in this country not become a four-year indoctrination in leftist and secularist ideology;

· Has the current administration, by cutting financial appropriations to the space program, not all but conceded defeat in this vital initiative; 

· Are not millions of illegals invading our country and pillaging our social programs;

· Are those to whom we look for guidance – our "esteemed" elected officials -- anything more than maestros of spin, driven by personal financial gain, ten-gallon egos, and hot air emissions?

Allow me to be brutally candid.  Nobody holds Washington politicians and bureaucrats in lower regard than I. They shame us all, just as would an infestation of rodents in our home.

A Congress of vermin?   It may be inflammatory, although it certainly has the ring of truth, now doesn't it?  But there is at least one exception to almost every rule. The exception in this case is Tom Tancredo. The address he gave on February 4 to 600 Tea Party delegates, who descended upon Nashville, was nothing if not courageous.  Mr. Tancredo stated that the fabric of our society has been eroded by the "cult of multiculturalism", "Islamification", and large numbers of immigrants who do not want to be Americans. He observed that President Obama was elected because "we do not have a civics, literacy test before people can vote in this country."  Then, if these statements were not enough, he called on delegates to launch a "counter-revolution" that will "pass on our culture based on Judeo-Christian principles. Whether people like it or not, that's who we are."  His words were and are the equivalent of white-hot coals against one's face.  He pulled no punches, but told the naked truth, which like nakedness itself is always a bit breathtaking and shocking.

The "cult of multiculturalism."  Mr. Tancredo got it right.  Multiculturalism tears at the fabric of any society. Take a look at Canada, Sri Lanka, India, Belgium, and the former Yugoslavia.  As Prof. Alvin J. Schmidt argues, "[a] country can have civic discourse only in the presence of a high degree of national unity and social intimacy among its people, fostered and held together by a common language."  America is fast becoming a Tower of Babel, in which many distinct cultures and languages exist side by side in the population.  Citizens are transactionally challenged when dealing with one another, or have you not called Microsoft for "support" lately?  Comradery and national unity are fading.  As Harvard political scientist, Robert Putnam, puts it, Americans are "bowling alone."  It is no wonder.  Multiculturalism has displaced the idea of assimilation in America's Melting Pot.

A civics, literacy test.  A constitutional republic, like ours, depends upon not only a united citizenry, but also an enlightened one.  When one drives down the street in Corpus Christi, Texas, and notices signs that read "Vote Aquί," one wonders what is so difficult about the word "here," or why it would pose a linguistic challenge in the United States of America.  Mr. Tancredo is again correct:  if a person does not speak the English language with sufficient fluency to pass a civics and literacy test, why on earth should he be voting?  Political boss, George B. Parr, the infamous "Duke of Duval," saw to it that his illiterate subjects received a string with knots tied in it at various places in order that they could place the string beside their ballots and vote as indicated. This practice, as condescending and primitive as it was, still beats compromising American culture in favor of those who fail or refuse to learn the English language, a primary component of our culture. 

Just because tests were once used as instruments of invidious discrimination against African-Americans, it does not follow that no test can be formulated today with a constructive and beneficial purpose. The opposing argument is as ridiculous as saying that, because African-Americans were once viciously lynched, we must now categorize "rope" as a material utilized only by the lawless.

Judeo-Christian values.  Try to imagine American culture devoid of Judeo-Christian values.  It is an impossibility.  Our laws, traditions, habits, and mores were and are definitively shaped by the Bible.  Those who insist that the Koran, the Upanishads, or the Analects of Confucius should receive higher, or even equal, billing are confused about who Americans are.  Mr. Tancredo is spot on.  Judeo-Christian values thoroughly pervade traditional American culture.  Participating in this culture means respecting these values, although one may not necessarily like or acknowledge them as just and true.  If an immigrant comes to this country expecting to change the culture, he should return to the part of the globe whence he came.  He should not snivel about the country's culture if he has decided to live here!

Tom Tancredo has been skewered by the media and leftist pundits for telling the truth.  That is not a big surprise.  There is always a price to be paid for raw political courage.  I am grateful to God that I know at least one Congressman who is willing to pay that price.  It is my hope that patriots will support this man so that he can continue standing up for America and its embattled culture.

February 17, 2010