Government Outrage


It is not my idea of fun to stir the sanctums of the deceased.  I have previously stated my core convictions concerning the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA).  There's no need for me to re-string those pearls; instead, I refer the reader to my blog, "May the Massachusetts Senator Rest in Peace," written on September 6, 2009.

Yet it should not escape notice that there is a large military spending bill making its way through Congress at this moment.  It is part of the country's defense budget.  The bill contains a notable earmark, requiring United States taxpayers to finance the – are you ready for this? – "Edward M. Kennedy Institute," and to do so to the tune of . . . well, $20 million!  The Institute is intended to be a repository for the Senator's papers.  It will also include a civic learning center on the Dorchester campus of the University of Massachusetts at Boston.  The Institute will be next to the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum.

Senator John Kerry (D-MA), failed Democratic presidential nominee of 2004, is busy defending the appropriation in behalf of his late senatorial colleague.  Mr. Kerry argues that it is fitting and proper to raid the country's military budget in order to memorialize Kennedy, since he served for many years on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

This is an outrage!  At a time when the nation's economy is in the soup and the world is taking its measure of President Barack H. Obama as a glib pushover, now is not the time to play fast and loose with a dime of taxpayers' funds, especially those reserved for the military.

If the University of Massachusetts desires Senator Kennedy's papers, let it have them.  It and the good citizens of Massachusetts can figure out what to do with them.  There is no reason, in the name of Heaven, to build a Shinto-style shrine to Ted Kennedy with federal tax dollars.  Perish the thought!  There are many taxpayers, I suspect, who would rather finance a study on the mating habits of the Pinta Island tortoise than contribute a nickel to a "civic learning center" in the name of Ted Kennedy.  It would appear that even a Democrat-controlled Congress would realize that this expenditure is a slap in the face to about half the citizenry.  It is roughly analogous, in my opinion, to invading the federal civil rights budget in order to build a library commemorating the life of the Confederacy's Jefferson Davis.  (The comparison, for many, is a compliment to Mr. Kennedy.) The point is that there are both necessary and constructive ways to utilize federal funds, but a tribute of this magnitude to Ted Kennedy is both unnecessary and destructively divisive.

The acrimony expressed at the townhall meetings around the country, and the vigor of the recent march on Washington by myraids (the media never accurately reported the number, which was in the millions!) of tea party protesters, underscores a single point:  citizens are now demanding, as is there right, responsible government.  They are sick and tired of Washington profligacy and arrogance. They are also worn out with incessant government interference in everything they do or contemplate doing.  They no longer think of the United States government as a help, but asa hindrance.  They realize that the government is broken and is in need of repair.  Furthermore, the politicians and bureaucrats, recently in office, are not those expected to remedy the problem.  They are the problem!

Why is that?  The answer is straightforward.  They have allowed our borders to be overrun.  They have damaged our economy, devalued our currency, and wasted our resources.  They have caused public schools to fail.  They have catered to special interests.  They have encouraged fraud in our electoral process.  (Nobody believes that Bill Clinton did not understand and approve the fraudulent effects of the 1993 Motor Voter Law which, among other things, worked to prohibit examiners from asking prospective voters for identification or proof of citizenship!)  Now, the same kind of sorry leadership is appeasing the nation's worst enemies.

Federal politicians either cannot see the danger of the threat or don't understand it.  The United States of America is far from invincible. It is unraveling from within and under attack from without.  The country is in need of wise leadership not only to prosper, but also to survive.

September 28, 2009