Obama the Pretender


Can a man hide who and what he is?  For a while perhaps.  He can be circumspect, even occasionally mum, in his conversation. He can grimace at times, and smile at other times, always aware of watchful eyes upon him. He can be a graceful hypocrite, who assumes a fraudulent posture like the one Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. imbued upon his sons. "It does not matter what you are," old Joe insisted, "but only what others think you are." Yet, in the end, the truth invariably surfaces. The patriarch of the Kennedy clan, for example, was accurately hailed, in the words of author Nigel Hamilton, as "the most notorious criminal of the twentieth century." Finally the truth boldly proclaimed! There is indeed a God!

To take the measure of political figures, one must usually look behind the veneer of their lives. One must rigorously scrutinize their actions. This process involves examining closely who their friends (and enemies) are. Associations should never be taken lightly.

I have concluded, on this basis, that the man presently occupying the Oval Office is a monstrous pretender. Who his friends are tells the story.  In Chicago, Obama lived within walking distance of William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, at right, unrepentant terrorists who should now be in prison for murder, but have instead been honored with university teaching positions. The radical couple admire Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.  Obama once served with them on the board of the Woods Fund, and kicked off one of his political campaigns in their home.

Likewise, Louis Farrakhan, a notorious Jew-hater, lives in the same Chicago neighborhood with Ayers and Dohrn. Farrakhan hailed Obama in glowing terms as "the Messiah."  Interesting, huh?  Do you think for a moment that this black Muslim viper would pay Obama this compliment if not favorably impressed with his political ideology? Don't be naïve.

Then, there is Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, where Obama and his wife were members for twenty years. Need anyone state the obvious, that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who officiated at Obama's wedding and baptized his children, despises this country and believes it got its just desserts on September 11, 2001?

Father Michael Pfleger, pictured in front of a microphone below, a hater in his own right, who genuflects to both Wright and Farrakhan, also fervently supported Obama and his various political candidacies. Obama has in turn steered money to the priest's community projects.

There are a host of other haters, who comprise "Obama friends" as well, who are comfortable with the dictates of Marxist philosophy.  How about Frank Marshall Davis, an avowed communist, whom Obama got to know in Honolulu from 1971 through 1979?  The two men were close.  Davis, on the left, became a political mentor to the young Obama.

After "Commie Frank," there was Saul Alinsky, a fervent socialist in accordance with whose aggressive principles of community organizing Obama was trained and worked in Chicago.

What about Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, on the left, who subsequently raised money for and helped Obama get to Harvard Law School?  Mansour preaches hate against Jews and all other white people, and does so in the most vicious terms.  He will assert with a straight face that any evil an individual chooses to inflict upon a white person is justified. I tend to laugh at such rhetoric until I remind myself that his invective includes my own family, and especially my grandchildren.  Then, it ceases to be amusing.

Don't forget about Professor Rashid Khalidi, a former PLO terrorist, whose scholarship Obama has lauded. He has also shared lavish dinners with the professor and served on the board of the Woods Fund with him.

You may think that none of these associations is particularly significant.  You may doubt they affect Obama's foreign policies, our government's proliferating power and size, or its takeover of important sectors of the American economy, like automobiles -- and, who knows, maybe health care in the future.  You may believe that such associations have nothing to do with the President's appointing a communist like Van Jones to the position of special presidential advisor on green jobs, or appointing a radical like John P. Holdren to the position of government czar.  Holdren, you may recall, proposed the idea of mass sterilization through this country's public water supply. You may have convinced yourself that Mr. Obama's association with ACORN, an organization which stands ready to sabotage the American electoral system however and whenever necessary, is simply a coincidence. You may also believe that the earth is flat.

There is no doubt about it:  Barack Hussein Obama seriously entertains ideas that are light-years out of the American mainstream.  I believe that he hates traditional American culture.  From a casual examination of his associations, and from connecting a few dots in a plausible manner, it appears to me, and probably to any reasonable person, that here's a politician who would like to transform the United States of America into a regime standing squarely in the shadow of Karl Marx.  Mr. Obama would, for certain, not package his intentions in this way;  the wrapper would be too honest for him, although he would appreciate its bright red color.  No, Mr. Obama would prefer to bathe his vision in words trumpeting humanitarianism.  Good words like "empathy" and "compassion" come to mind, but how empty they are as they roll off a radical's tongue.  The social parasites and haters are willing for Mr. Obama to engage in this charade.  The question is whether the majority of the American people will sit still for it much longer.  This question remains ominously unanswered.

August 29, 2009