What would you guess that mass immigration costs the American taxpayer annually?  Oh, not much: only $346 BILLION!  This figure is from Edwin Rubenstein's report concerning the subject. Mr. Rubenstein is a financial analyst and acclaimed economist. Listen to his fiscal analysis of mass immigration at the following address:

Did you know that 147,000 illegal aliens are in our local jails, 74,000 in our state prisons, and 46,000 in our federal prisons?  Nearly 28% of our federal prisoners are illegal aliens.  They alone cost the taxpayer $5.4 billion. The vast majority of them are, of course, from Mexico. The problem is that many of these thugs are not deported from America, but released back into our communities, where they commit murder, rape, and various drunk-driving offenses.

The enormous influx of illegals is placing a tremendous strain on American law enforcement too. The FBI, for example, is having to overhaul its technology to the tune of over 90 million dollars in order to provide identification services to immigration and local law enforcement agencies.

Yet these costs pale beside the hundreds of billions of dollars expended for education, medical care, and other human services provided to immigrants, legal and illegal. The costs to Los Angeles County, California in June, 2009 for anchor babies was $48 million! How can anyone make the argument with a straight face that there should not be a residence requirement for citizenship?

Who is benefiting from this chaos?  To some extent the barbarians who are entering our country are certainly realizing a better life than they had in the squalor and poverty from which they came.  But the real beneficiaries are the American corporate CEOs, who receive a continuous stream of slave labor without paying a dime for workers' insurance or pensions.  These corporate titans continue to charge the American public the same prices they would otherwise for their products. Yes, white collar greed-heads, aided and abetted by politicians, are the real culprits.  If it were left to me, I would line them up against a wall and shoot every damn one of them.  Please do not mistake my reaction for an emotional one.  It is not.  I regard these people in the same way I do drug lords. Both are destroying our society and should be dealt with accordingly.

I can hear the torrential "humanitarian" refrain now.  "What you are advocating is not Christian.  It is immoral and amounts to murder.  Who is the barbarian here anyway?"

My reply is as follows:  A civilized society takes threats against itself seriously.  It must impose sanctions against those who perpetrate crimes. The harshness of the sanction should be in proportion to the gravity of the crime.  If a crime is such that it serves to destroy a person by stripping him of every ounce of human dignity (as in drug addiction), or  to drain the material resources of a country in the interest of corporate profit (as in illegal immigration), then the crime is tantamount in seriousness to treason.  I have no moral qualms whatsoever about taking the life of a traitor, a drug lord, or those who would bankrupt this country for personal gain.  As far as I am concerned, citizens who argue the contrary have little more than a superficial concern for humanity and for American society and culture.  Whatever else they may be, they are not humanitarians.  Their morality is no more than soft-headed mush that encourages cowardice over defense of oneself and all that one holds dear.  If Christianity were that weak, illogical, and unnatural, then I for one would want no part of it. 

The leading issue of our time is not civil rights for blacks or for women.  It's not health care for those who cannot afford it.  It is not whether the wars being waged on foreign soil are just.  It is the unraveling of our country from a cultural standpoint. 

Corporate executives don't care about this issue.  Haven't you heard?  They represent "transnational" companies.  They even self-righteously refuse to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at their shareholders' meetings.

Politicians are generally too concerned about staying in office and wielding power on matters of secondary and tertiary importance than to lead anybody anywhere, no matter how true and just the direction.

The media are so agenda-driven that they would not give time to the issue of culture even if the word were written in the clouds from on high.  Managing and manipulating the news is a full-time project.

University professors, genuflecting to the idea that everyone is equal, are busy going through the motions of assigning passing marks to "students" who should be sacking groceries or pumping gas rather than preparing to enter graduate school.   Teaching pupils who never learned how to write a complete sentence tends to erode creative thought.

The clergy are largely cowards who live in, and are directed by, the spirit of fear. They contribute to the problem by doing nothing but thinking up new twists on stewardship, women's fellowship programs, and new member dinners. They are like those who, three floors up, re-arranged chairs on board the Titanic.

The hope, the only hope, is with the rank and file citizens, the PEOPLE.  I admire the energy being exhibited at town hall meetings these days.  Let the flame be kindled, I say, and the fire rage!  In the words of Thomas Jefferson to Abigail Adams, "I like a little rebellion now and then.  It is like a storm in the Atmosphere." Yes, indeed.

August 16, 2009