Bill Clinton


One might think that an American president who lied to a federal grand jury, was beset by one scandal after another, and was disbarred from the practice of law would never again show his face in public.  Not so.  Former President Bill Clinton recently appeared before an Arab-American audience of approximately 1,000 strong and reminded them that American demographics are rapidly changing.  He applauded – yes, applauded -- the projection that, by the year 2050, America will no longer be a country with a European-derived majority.  He emphasized that "this is a very positive thing."  Jews and Christians, he told his audience, will cease comprising an overwhelming preponderance of the population. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and others will begin playing an increasing role on the American stage.  According to Mr. Clinton, Barack Obama's election to the presidency was an indication of this new demographic reality.

I cannot believe that any red-blooded American, with the smallest kernel of common sense, would embrace Mr. Clinton's opinion about this matter.  I want to put it as simply, but as graphically, as I know how.  What Mr. Clinton is celebrating is the projected demise of traditional American culture. My own personal view is that this is tantamount to treason.  He looks forward to the time when a traveler will pass through a small midwestern community and hear not the chiming of church bells, but instead an Islamic call to prayer.  Let me ask you:  have you ever listened to Muslims being called to prayer?  If not, then I respectfully invite you to do so: Listen and ask yourself whether you think this comports well with life in America and how you would like it to be.

Accepting a turban for a Stetson does not seem to trouble Mr. Clinton in the least. Nor does the prospect of a growing population of Muslims insisting upon living in America under Sharia. Do not dare say that this bleak prospect is not in the offing. We all know that it is.

I suppose that Mr. Clinton would counsel tolerance as Americans begin noticing an increasing number of women covered from head to toe, workers leaving their places of employment to pray to Allah, and schools being re-structured to accommodate Muslim religious scruples. As difficult as it may be, we must in this instance take our forty-second president at his word.  He believes that "this is a very positive thing."   He would, I guess, have us simply wave a wistful good-bye to traditional American culture.  I take it that the next step in the progression will be for us to learn Arabic and to celebrate Islamic culture on American soil.

Although there are a mere twenty-four hours in a day, perhaps there will still be sufficient time to master Spanish and Chinese, and their accompanying cultures as well.  While we are at it, we might also submit to a crash course in Ebonics. The English language, the Bible, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and the rest of western civilization can, I guess, be placed on the back burner or, who knows, they can just go to hell. Why not?  All represent the nasty, retrograde spirit of English colonialism and racism!

Although these reflections are, to be sure, not without a trace of acrid satire, the point is that Mr. Clinton and those of his ilk lose sight of the fact that America's new multicultural reality is eviscerating our own culture, traditions, and mores.  Large unassimilated populations are causing transactional challenges and are raising the level of tensions among us.  No one should be surprised by this.  Where, after all, has this multicultural folly ever worked?  It has repeatedly led only to violence, bloodshed, and civil war.

One might have hoped that at least one lost soul from the media would have addressed a few thoughtful questions to Mr. Clinton following his speech.  Helpful ones might have been the following:  "Sir, in Eritrea, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Cyprus, Pakistan, and Malaysia multiculturalism has failed.  What makes you think it will be successful in America?"  Or, "Mr. Clinton, men like George Washington and John Jay, not to say Tocqueville and Bryce, thought that a culturally homogeneous population is a sign of strength.  Why do you think a diverse, religiously and culturally fragmented nation 'is a very positive thing'?"  One can, of course, only imagine how the former President would have responded if he had been asked, "Sharia punishes adultery by death. Do you really think that such a mindset in America is a very good thing?"

The American people should point their finger at Washington politicians and demand that they not make the present immigration catastrophe worse than it is. The people should insist that those who are fortunate enough to immigrate here from foreign lands leave their old customs and traditions behind them and put on the traditional culture of America – its language, traditions, and mores.  In the alternative, newcomers should be shown the way back home.  Those like William Jefferson Clinton, who think nothing of betraying their culture, and who uncritically support cultural pluralism, should be castigated as the feckless, faithless demagogues they are. To borrow a term from south of the border, Americans need to show cojones.  The power still belongs to us, at least for a while longer.

June 17, 2009