Tea Party


It was a delight to attend the Tea Party in Corpus Christi, Texas on Wednesday, April 15. This protest was of vital importance.

First, it gave a voice to those of us who pay taxes, but are without representation in Washington, D.C. Our elected "representatives" have, as even the most intellectually challenged person knows, been too busy catering to their own interests, becoming multi-millionaires, to attend to the legitimate concerns of the people. The Corpus Christi bay front protest was downright invigorating!

Second, the collective voice of this protest is sure to swell. The Corpus Christi Caller-Times, along with most other news sources, was silent about the event, but this comes as no surprise to anyone.  Even Pravda, the old Soviet Union's ideologically driven rag that best symbolizes the current work product of the American news industry, could not always ignore reality.

Third, a new wind of change is beginning to blow, and it may not be the one Mr. Obama expected. People are fed up.  The President's numbers are in a state of free fall as well they should be.  Apologizing for America throughout the world (a function that should never be part of the job description of this nation's chief executive), and attempting to re-invent the country by transforming it into a European-style socialist state (a goal that includes stacking the electoral deck in its favor by providing amnesty and citizenship to 20 million illegals who know nothing of American history or culture) are goals not shared by many patriots.  It appears to me that, based upon the divisive leadership of Mr. Obama, Humpty Dumpty, rather than Abraham Lincoln, may be his lodestar. Time will tell.

I suggest that the next Rally of Patriots be on July 4 and that we fill Buccaneer Stadium to capacity!  I also suggest that there be music, plenty of water and soft drinks, and a roster of local speakers who convey the people's message.  It will be an event that nobody will be able to ignore!

An old Chinese proverb reminds us that "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  That step was taken yesterday.  I believe that it was historic.  What is now required is to keep our eye on the prize – which is a responsible government, as set forth by the founders in our Constitution. This goal would seem to be a reasonable one, but removing the government's heel from our throat will not be easy.  It will entail a fight.

Bob Jones, a local KEYS radio personality, suggested that, if Americans filed their tax returns a day late, the event might seize the attention of our elected officials in D.C.  It certainly would!  One might also imagine similar kinds of protest involving tax returns.

It is time for the government to fear the people rather than for the people to fear the government!  What do you think?  Let's send another loud and clear message to the government on July 4!

God bless America.

April 16, 2009