Recently I visited a class in a private grade school in central Texas. The school of which the class is part comprises a vital segment of a conservative church's education and outreach program. I noted that, as one enters the church/school building, there is a conspicuous sign advertising the "multicultural center." Children learn Spanish and Hispanic culture there. I personally listened to second graders speak and sing in the Spanish language.

I need not underscore the fact that it is good to be fluent in other languages and knowledgeable about other cultures. Certainly, it is.  We all should learn about them. But I wonder why German and French are not taught in this school? "Oh," you respond, "that's because we live in Texas." Pardon me? There are many citizens of German ancestry living in Texas; in fact, the German language was once widely spoken here. What's more, there's plenty of France next door to us in Louisiana. So why the almost exclusive emphasis upon Spanish?

One may wish to ask the same question concerning why we do not hear German or French over the intercom in American airports, or why those of German or French extraction cannot press 3 or 4 in this country in order to transact business in their respective languages, or why food commodities are not labeled in these languages. Why did George W. Bush broadcast his radio addresses in Spanish?  Why is United States citizenship being granted in some of our own federal courts in the Spanish language?  Why are ballots in America printed in Spanish?  I have an opinion about these matters.  I think it's because the French and German immigrants assimilated to American culture, while the hordes of Hispanic immigrants who have come to our country since 1965 are not doing so, at least in the same way. 

Spineless politicians also cater to big numbers, and they are catering to the racist insistence of La Raza and LULAC leaders that Hispanics who immigrate to this country be encouraged to retain their own culture.  Lauro F. Cavazos, President George H. W. Bush's secretary of education and, earlier,  president of Texas Tech University, typified this insistence, when he stated concerning the education of immigrant children, "[W]e must do all we can to help maintain their native language and culture."  Why?  If the United States of America is to enjoy a united culture in which citizens understand one another because they speak the same language, then Secretary Cavazos's statement seems little more than a non sequitur. 

While you are thinking about the questions I have already raised, also consider the fact that Linda Chavez, who is an outspoken Hispanic woman, who believes that all Hispanic immigrants should learn English in the United States as soon as possible, was disinvited after she was asked to give the commencement address at the University of Northern Colorado in 1990. The next year her speaking engagement at Arizona State University was also canceled, because "the Minority Coalition has requested that we cancel this engagement and bring other speakers whose views are more in line with their [sic] politics."  Think about it:  all this is happening to American public life and to American public institutions, which are supported by your tax dollars and mine, without so much as a vote!  I call that tyranny.

Let me be frank.  When I hear someone use the word "diversity," the first thought that enters my head is pelting him with a very ripe tomato.  Diversity is a sorry scam.  Like so much nonsense from the left, what the word really suggests is that you can come to America and bring your old-world culture with you.  Assimilation and the American melting pot be damned!

Universities in our midst, which advocate multiculturalism in the most strident terms possible, are the least diverse, and hence the most hypocritical, places on earth.  Try to find a professor who openly questions the theory of evolution, who embraces Irving Kristol, Dinesh D'Souza, and Robert Bork as intellectual heroes, who argues that liberalism no longer works, who applauds and defends Anglo-Protestant culture, who supported the presidential candidacy of Patrick Buchanan, and who refuses to be politically correct.  One soon discovers that diversity in a university context means white, red, brown, and black faces all peddling much the same ideological line.  So much for an open forum of thought!  So much for creativity!  So much for toleration!

But, look, here's the gist of the matter.  The main reason why multiculturalism is a scam is not only because it has never worked (and it hasn't!), or because it is associated with a kind of thought police (as in the examples above regarding Linda Chavez), or because it represents a profound disrespect for assimilation to American culture by new immigrants – no, the main reason multiculturalism is a scam is because cultures are not equal.  Never be hoodwinked into thinking they are!  Islamic women must wear veils and are allowed only the most restricted public social activities.  Some of them who venture outside these narrow norms are killed by male relatives in order to protect family honor.  I think honor killing and those who practice it are barbaric, don't you?  I think Islam injures women and their rights, don't you? 

A number of Native American tribes believed in human sacrifices and scalping; some like the Mohawk Indians were even cannibalistic.  How do you respond to such facts, which are never mentioned in our politically correct school textbooks?  I assert that such a culture is not one of which I would be proud to be a part. What's your idea? 

Or how about the concept of machismo in the Latino culture?  Machismo is the cultural practice whereby an Hispanic husband acts as lord over his wife.  The husband expects and often receives compliance from his faithful wife, although she turns a blind eye to his sexual liaisons with other women.  Such relations are considered a sign of his virility and healthy aggressiveness.  When offered a heaping helping tablespoon of such third world culture, I respond, "Thanks, but no thanks."  I would even suggest that those who desire it deserve a one-way trip back home.

We have always honored an Anglo-Protestant culture in this country that is, to be sure, not without its flaws.  But I will compare and contrast its virtues to those of any other culture in the world.  The successes of America are, in large measure, attributable to her culture.  American culture, dear friends, is what the left hates and is attempting to destroy.  I regard those who are at war with our culture as domestic terrorists, as the most dangerous enemies we have.  Where do you stand?  Are you willing to speak out?  Why don't we take action together?

April 2, 2009