American Pride


A young married couple with two small children are active in their church.  They tithe.  For the benefit of unenlightened secularists, let me explain that tithing means giving ten percent of one's income to the church. Believe it or not, some people are so devoutly Christian that they do just that.  This couple also happily contribute to other charitable causes as well.  They even journey with a mission team each year to another country in order to provide free medical care to some of its indigent.

The Internal Revenue Service has recently been in touch with this fine couple.  Not a social call to be sure.  "Send us supporting documentation of your charitable contributions," it threatened, "or we will disallow them."  The couple dutifully complied by forwarding receipts from the charities to which they had given.  The IRS responded with another ultimatum, "We are continuing to disallow the deduction, unless you send us additional documentation supporting the receipts.  Or, alternatively, you may forward your personal check to us in the amount stated." 

What kind of morality is this?  A loathsome scoundrel like the one pictured on the left, Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, inserted a loophole into a stimulus bill that allowed $165 million in bonuses to  corrupt, self-serving AIG executives.  Yet faceless bureaucrats and spineless politicians think nothing of punishing an exemplary young couple for being charitable.  This is an execrable outrage!

Such an experience with the government is nothing new.  It is the kind of thing that happens every day to decent, hard working people. The federal government is as sensitive to the country's middle class (what is left of it!) as a rattlesnake.  I do not think it farfetched to maintain that the government, as it is configured today, is at war with its people.  Avaricious corporate executives have raped our economy with the complicity of our elected representatives.  Many of these "statesmen" have become wealthy while "serving the public trust."  Yet our own hard earned lifesavings have, by contrast, been decimated!

Since the stock market tanked, has any elected official whispered a word about bringing corrupt Wall Street titans to justice?  Of course not.  That's because Congress is bought and paid for by special interests. Senator Dodd has received a ton of AIG money!  The man is a crook and a national disgrace, but he remains in office.  His story is not uncommon.  Many congressmen and senators are cut from the same bolt of cloth.

What we have in the United States of America now is a prevailing culture of evil.  This is why America is unraveling.  The deteriorating state of our nation is no longer a prediction.  It's not even an indictment. It is a fact.  Who can feel reasonably safe and secure these days? Consider the immigration insanity that is beginning to surface again.  So why not allow Mexico to open its dumpsters and to give us the benefit of millions of its poor and wretched?  Why should this country not import additional human misery and poverty among our citizenry?  Consider also the philosophy that prevails in our foreign policy.  Human beings are good hearted and well meaning creatures.  Why not negotiate with Iran?  Why not tear down Gitmo and appease militant Muslims?  And let us not forget to keep printing dollar bills, or maybe mint a few new quarters with the portraits of pop musicians on them. 

Some pundits think that our present troubles will be short lived and that the markets will come roaring back in a few years.  Everything will be robust and healthy again, the picture of America at its most sanguine.  Yeah, you bet, just keep right on dreaming.

Our beloved country is mortally wounded.  Why?  Our culture is ravaged.  In its place, we have substituted the garbage of liberalism, secularism, relativism, and multiculturalism. The values by which we steered since our inception are hanging on by a thread.  Our treasure is being wasted. 

Question:  How long can a nation continue to live without a heart and a soul?

March 22, 2009