On Tuesday, September 2, I was interviewed on a radio talk show in Nashville, Tennessee, regarding my book, America Unraveling.  In connection with the interview, I was asked what I thought about the brouhaha over Governor Sarah Palin's 17-year old pregnant and unwed daughter.  I was not expecting the question, but my response to it was as follows:

"I think Bristol Palin should be left alone by the media, especially by those like the Daily Kos that do not contribute constructively to the national discourse.

"While I am not willing to speak of Bristol Palin at length, I am willing to address the problem of teen pregnancy.  I think that it is a serious national problem.  Hollywood stars and others, who have given birth to and are trying to parent babies out of wedlock and are shamelessly publicizing the fact, are a national disgrace. They set a sorry example and should be ashamed of themselves.

"The American public has been, in my opinion, far too tolerant of garbage in movies and on their airwaves and should band together and send back a resounding 'No!' to movie and television producers and advertisers.

"This is simply another symptom of the unraveling of America and its culture."

My ideas about this matter have not changed an iota since the interview.  As I have written previously, the media in this country are, in general, corrupt, agenda-driven bottom-feeders, who can scarcely be relied upon as sources of factual, pertinent information. They traffic in gossip, innuendo, filth, and irrelevancy, and will not hesitate to cast a family in a false light.  The Daily Kos actually advanced the preposterous lie that Governor Palin never gave birth to her fifth child.  Such is the damnable state of American journalism in the twenty-first century!

Sally Quinn, the Washington elitist whom I mentioned in a previous blog, has been outspoken – in fact, front and center – in her criticism of Governor Palin.  She reminds us that the Alaskan will be a heart beat away from the Presidency if and when it is occupied by John McCain, who has already had cancer four times.  But at least McCain has been honest about his medical problems. That is far more than one can say about John F. Kennedy, who suffered from Addison's disease and other ailments but failed to disclose any of them to the American people.  Quinn and her husband, Benjamin Bradlee, who reveres Kennedy and continues to promote the myth of Camelot, scarcely mention this lack of forthrightness.

The thrust of Quinn's criticism, as I listened to her, is that Governor Palin should have resolved to stay home with her family instead of accepting McCain's invitation to become Vice President.  "What conclusion should we then draw about Senator Robert F. Kennedy," you may ask, "who fathered eleven children and ran for the Presidency?"  It is a fair question, but get ready for a shocker:  There are significant differences, Quinn insists, between the roles of father and mother. One of them is, apparently, that a father can undertake to do professionally what a mother should not.  As I listened to this maven of Beltway Brahmans, for whom the word "sexism" has re-defined the symbol of "Satan," I was incredulous. "Did Sally Quinn really cater to 'sexist' stereotypes?"  I wondered.  Dear, dear.  Whether or not one agrees with it, the point is that it was an incongruous argument for her to make!  What happened to principle and logic in light of her Washington Post code of morality?  Well, connect the dots: Quinn is numbered among "secular (so-called) progressives." Since when do their arguments have to be either principled or logical?

Governor Palin cleaned up the Alaskan legislature, which was in the pocket of big oil interests.  She enjoys an eighty percent approval rating in her State.  Not bad. It might be time for someone like her to dig her spurs into the hides of national career politicians and lobbyists who inhabit the District of Columbia. Who knows, perhaps "public servanthood" is not dead after all.

September 5, 2008