America is all but finished as we have known it.  A hip-hopping, Hollywood-mongering pretender, liar, racist, and moral weakling named Barack Obama has won re-election to the presidency.  Just as he deceptively advocated transparency in government and posed as a uniter and not a divider, misled the nation concerning the Benghazi murders, impulsively blamed Boston police for an episode involving a black professor at Harvard, and sat impassively by while the people of Iran protested their tyrannical government, he has now managed to convince an unenlightened American electorate that he deserves a second term of office.  

What can we expect from this man's "leadership" during a second term?  He will offer the same mixture of narcissism and leftist ideology that he did during his first. He will be “personally offended” by the fact that Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Cantor, and other House Republicans refuse to raise taxes on all the “millionaires” in the country, and if the nation runs off a cliff and is thrown into an economic abyss he will blame them.  The Affordable Care Act will be implemented, and the costs of healthcare will escalate, while its quality gradually erodes.  The Middle East will continue to destabilize, which will inure to Israel’s detriment. The balance of power on the Supreme Court will tilt leftward, with rulings on religion, guns, and other vital issues of Constitutional and cultural importance, outraging at least half the citizenry.  Arizona, and the rest of the country, will continue to be rendered defenseless against an onslaught of illegal aliens.  The President may even decide to fulfill a promise to the Hispanic population, who re-elected him, to push for “comprehensive immigration reform.”  That will naturally include a liberal provision for a “pathway to citizenship,” primarily for those who have stolen their way across the border.  With the president’s help, his proposed immigration policy will bring Reconquista and Atzlan a giant leap closer to reality.  The nation will continue its irresponsible and inordinate spending, the national debt will increase, and we can only pray that the dollar won’t collapse.  As the spiral moves inexorably downward with tornadic force, we can also expect an extra dollop of icing on the cake -- we will be treated to the sights and sounds of Messrs. Biden, Reid, and Holder.    

Will the Republican Party ever come back to claim the White House?  Probably not.  When Nixon and Reagan enjoyed 49-state landslides, 96 percent of their support came from non-Hispanic whites.  That part of the electorate has fallen from 90 percent in 1960 to 67 percent in 2006, and will be less than 50 percent by 2050.  Voters identifying themselves as Hispanic composed at least 10 percent of the electorate this year, representing approximately 13 million votes.  Over 70 percent of them cast a ballot for Obama. These voters were the decisive factor in states like California, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico. So much for the suggestion that the strong family values of Hispanics will bring them over to the Republican Party.  Most are poor, and many are new immigrants, who are tantalized by American entitlements.  They invariably vote for Santa Claus.  Patrick J. Buchanan is absolutely correct in correlating demography with election results, and offers a somber warning to Republicans:  “The fading away of America’s white majority entails an existential crisis for the GOP.”  No joke. 

Yet unrestrained immigration, legal and illegal, threatens far more than the Republican Party.  It threatens the integrity of American culture and the future of the nation itself.  Millions of those who come to this country couldn’t care less about its traditions, institutions, and public faith.  They come for economic gain.  Many of them are lured to America by greedy corporate chieftains who want a steady stream of cheap labor which they can exploit.  Corporations have exerted enormous influence upon Clinton and George W. Bush, and are now doing so upon Obama, as well as upon members of Congress.  Why do you think they are not punished, and severely, for hiring illegal workers?  There is one apparent answer:  corporate money buys political access.  Like it or not, America has become a “corporate state,” and that fact is decimating all that we hold dear as a people. 

It’s not only corporations.  It’s the tendentious media with its slanted reporting or refusal to report.  It’s those churches that have substituted liberal ideology for the Bible.  Its left-wing academics (is there another kind?) who indoctrinate rather than teach.  African-American scholar Shelby Steele has written that “today’s whites the world over . . . cannot openly have a racial identity.”  If that is not genocidal reasoning, I don’t know what is.  As I wrote in America Unraveling, it’s the cosmopolitan elites who are leading the charge against traditional American culture and who have for years disdained its Anglo majority.  But unless and until the corporate stranglehold upon America is broken, there will continue to be only devastation.  “Economism,” also known as “globalism,” will prevail over nationalism, and liberty will eventually become a relic of the past. 

For a brief moment, the Tea Party gave many of us hope.  But it pitched its tent with the Republican Party and was complicit in the nomination of a left-wing to moderate Republican for president, for whom New Jersey’s Chris Christie gave the keynote address at the nominating convention.  As a matter of strategy, the nominee played it safe and “took a knee” when he should have still been fiercely battling at the two-minute warning.  How he could have remained silent during the third debate about Benghazi, the most lurid government outrage since Watergate, who knows? 

America needs a leader, not a political opportunist, and not a celebrity nor a wealthy “fat cat” who has decided he may wish to become President of the United States, and especially not an emasculated corporate pawn. We need someone whom we can trust, and behind whom we can dig in our heels. Victory often emerges against all odds from perseverance, toughness, and intolerance of those things we despise.  Now is not the time to compromise our stands on the right to life, public faith, and immigration.  We may not win immediately with an adamantine mindset, but eventually the strong always prevail. 

This nation, which G.K. Chesterton once described as having “the soul of a church,” needs to rediscover itself, and to do so before it’s everlastingly too late.  While Barack Obama continues to wreak havoc on the nation and the world, we must in the spirit of our forefathers find a leader who, like Washington, Jackson, or Theodore Roosevelt, is a genuine patriot and will represent us and our Anglo-Christian culture against the various forces seeking to destroy it. 

November 9, 2012