Additional Publications



The following is a list of other publications by Dr. Smith:

Does the Idea of God Belong in Politics?: A Response to the "Political Liberalism" of John Rawls, 12 Politics and Religion Journal 265 (2018), available at ttps://

The Worship of God as “Sick Men’s Dreams”: A Response to David Hume, Process Studies (forthcoming).

Christian Ideas as "Nonsense": The Continuing Legacy of Kant's Worldview, 46.2 Process Studies 186 (Winter, 2018).   

Why I Am Not a Liberal, 16 The Occidental Quarterly 86 (Summer, 2016).

Book Review: The Twilight of the American Enlightenment: The 1950s and the Crisis of Liberal Belief, George M. Marsden, in 15 The Occidental Quarterly 117 (Fall, 2015).

Three Myths Unraveling America, 15 The Occidental Quarterly 83 (Fall, 2015).

America's Most Consequential Idea: The Relativity of Truth, 15 The Occidental Quarterly 77 (Spring, 2015).

Does National Unity Matter?: A Reflection on the Authority of the U.S. Supreme Court, 14 The Occidental Quarterly 67 (Winter, 2015).

Reexamining America's Public Philosophy, Modern Age (Spring, 2014).

America's Lost Sense of Community, Modern Age (Fall, 2012).

Religious Toleration and the First Amendment, 22 Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy 109 (2012).

The Secularization of America's Public Culture: Jews and the Establishment Clause, 32 University of La Verne Law Review 257 (2011).

What is Happening to Notre Dame?: When Heteronomy & Autonomy Collide, 76 New Oxford Review 20 (2009). 

From Promised Land to Tower of Babel: Religious Pluralism and the Future of the Liberal Experiment in America, 45.3 Brandeis Law Journal 529 (2007).

Religion Interfacing with Law and Politics:  Three Tired Ideas in the Jurisprudence of Religion, 10.2 Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture 14 (2007).

Religion, Politics, and the Establishment Clause: Does God Belong in American Public Life?,  10.2 Chapman Law Review 299 (2006).

On Teaching Neo-Darwinism in Public Schools: Avoiding the Pall of Orthodoxy and the Threat of Establishment, 11 Roger Williams University Law Review  143 (2005).

From Typology to Synthesis: Recasting the Jurisprudence of Religion, 34 Capital University Law Review 51 (2005).

"Religion-Neutral" Jurisprudence: An Examination of Its Meanings and End, 13 William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal 815 (2005).

Constitutional Meanings of "Religion" Past and Present: Explorations in Definition and Theory, 14 Temple Political and Civil Rights Law Review 89 (2004).

What is Faith?: An Analysis of Tillich's "Ultimate Concern", Quodlibet Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy, Fall, 2003.

Freud and Adler on Agency and Determinism in the Shaping of the Personality, 59 Journal of Individual Psychology 263 (2003).

Looking at Hospital Chaplaincy Through the Lens of Clinical Pastoral Education, Coastal Bend Medicine, July/August, 2002.

Law, Morality, and Judicial Decision-Making, 65 Texas Bar Journal 400 (2002).

Truth and Justice on the Scaffold:A Critique of "Hired-Gun" Advocacy, 62 Texas Bar Journal 1096 (1999).

Contingent Fees in DTPA Litigation, Corpus Christi Lawyer, Spring, 1997.